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luciferxiii's Journal

Lucifer XIII
7th Layer
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Lucifer - the light bringer
XIII - the date of my birth and my favourite number

I'm a Capricorn with a Virgo moon and Leo rising. With a complete lack of water signs in my chart [an astrological anomaly] adding my personal emotional capacity has a tendency to make this cocktail a bit Molotov. Throw it on the rocks and enjoy.

Care to know more? Read the entries. Everything is present. Though it is advised to tread lightly. The devil is there, hiding in the details. [Her favourite place to reside, or so I've been told.]

All of my entries are public. Anyone can add me. Anyone can read my entries. Anyone can comment.

*Interaction is preferred to lurking*


abandoned buildings, adventures, alice in wonderland, androgyny, anne rice, art, bauhaus, bdsm, beauty, big cities, black and white photos, blackrock, blood, body modification, bondage, bones, books, burlesque, candles, cemeteries, circus sideshows, classical music, clever disguises, clive barker, clothes, clubs, color, comics, concerts, corsets, creating things, cuddling, dancing, dia de los muertos, disney world, diy, drawing, dreadlocks, dreaming, dreams, driving, ebm, emilie autumn, emily dickinson, eyebrows, fairy tales, fake blood, fantasy, fashion, feminism, final fantasy, fishnets, freedom, gas masks, glamour, glitter, gore, goth, graveyards, halloween, heavily modified people, hello kitty, hiking, history, honesty, horror, industrial, inexplicable connections, interview with the vampire, jacksonville, jean paul gaultier, jewelry, kissing, learning, literature, louisville, love, lyrics, macabre, meaningful exchanges, military surplus, mohawks, money, mozart, music, musicals, naps, new orleans, nietszche, nightmares, norway, opera, pain, painting, pale skin, philosophy, photography, pictures, piercings, pin-up girls, pirates, pleasure, poetry, quotes, rain, rasputina, reading, red lipstick, red red roses, religious iconography, riot grrls, rivetheads, scars, serial killers, sewing, sex, shakespeare, skeleton key locks, snakes, snow crash, stompy boots, surrealism, surviving, sushi, suspension, tank girl, tattooing, tattoos, the hellbound heart, the nightmare before christmas, theatre, through the looking-glass, tim burton, traveling, true blood, vampires, video games, violence, voodoo, werewolves, whiskey, writing, zombies