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[Lobo and Zorra Go On An Adventure]

July 30th, 2011 (11:24 pm)

Haunting: home
Feeling: sleepy
Listening to: youtube gun videos... don't ask

When I got home from work this evening, I googled "interesting restaurants in ct" and found a place called Sesame Seed Restaurant. It was a full hour's drive away but I was feeling adventurous and BlackRock was feeling accommodating so we went. The place was a converted house to restaurant with a very interesting atmosphere. It was like a storage barn for all the brick-a-brack from an old flea market filling shelves that lined every wall. Like Cracker Barrel only looking a good bit more cluttered and less organized. The light on our table was an antique desk lamp, which was really neat. I was thoroughly amused. BlackRock, not so much. The food was similar to an Indian menu, only there were things I have never heard of before. Because of his allergies, there wasn't many choices for BlackRock. I got a normal sampler platter thing (hummus, salad, and some ground lamb fried meatball things). BlackRock got this unique dish called the Shrimp P & B. It was shrimp, pecans and bananas in some kind of super yumm sauce. He wasn't thrilled but admitted it was a different kind of good. I ended up stealing all his banana pieces. I love cooked bananas... like a money. ^_^ Then we ordered dessert. He got tiramisu and I got Penutbutter cup pie. Both desserts were delish! I don't like tiramisu but he said it was the best he had since living in NY. My pie was super yummy. I tried his beer. It tasted too bitter for me. The service was terrible. However, I really enjoyed myself.

Work kicked my arse, as it has been for a while now. I'm going to hit the hay very soon. Tomorrow we are meeting up with friends at a favourite park of mine for a cook out. I'm pretty excited about it. It's nice to finally feel like I'm getting my footing here...